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Why Mirleft is your next holiday destination?

Dernière mise à jour : 22 nov. 2019

It is a small berber fishing village worthy of a postcard. Its warm colors, dusty roads, and Kasbahs around it seem to have frozen Mirleft in time. Here everything is smooth. The stress of big cities and their agitation seem light-years away. The skyscrapers give way to pretty mountains of the Anti-Atlas to the east. To the west, there are vertiginous cliffs flowing into the Atlantic ocean and wild beaches that get lost in the Sahara desert.

The temperature is mild all year and people too. Generosity, altruism, and kindness are the main qualities of the local population.

At Mirleft we rest but we never get bored. Here everyone finds his pleasure:

Adrenaline buffs are spoiled with surf spots with the legendary point-breaks that make the reputation of Morocco. Paragliding flights from the mountains to the cliffs of the Atlantic. ATV rallies through the mountains and sand dunes ...

Nature and culture lovers will be able to conquer Millenial Kasbahs, cross different passes of the Anti-Atlas, drink tea in an oasis while listening to the stories of the Tuareg caravans. Or discover all the wealth of Morocco through a multitude of local markets and their craftsmen. As for peaceful souls, they can simply let themselves get enveloped by this calm and captivating energy, let themselves be carried by the sea spray to rise in the mountains.

Mirleft is said to be the perfect marriage between luxury and simplicity, between sophistication and authenticity, between comfort and wildlife!

Here all the tastes are satiated. You can spend the night in a hotel worthy of a grand palace, as you can sleep under the stars at the shelter of a hut in the cliffs. You can also enjoy delicious grilled fish and tajines at the souk, at very affordable prices. As you can share sumptuous meals worthy of the greatest starred restaurants.

It is the perfect destination either for a surf trip or for family holidays. If you are looking for a wonderful location for your girl trip, Mirleft is the place to be. Or if you want to have a blessed time with your friends and discover true life is, then you are welcome!

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