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Discover the last Ibis of Morocco, one of the rarest birds in the World!

Dernière mise à jour : 10 janv. 2020

"The Northern Bald Ibis is one of the world’s rarest birds and has been declining in the wild for many years. Together, BirdLife International, the Prince Albert II Foundation, and ZEISS, we support the conservation of the remaining wild population in the Souss Massa national park near Mirleft."

"Morocco is the last fully wild refuge of the critically endangered northern bald ibis in the world. These strange-looking birds are best known from North Africa and the Middle East, but their range also extended north into Europe. As human populations grew, overutilization as a food source was the primary cause for the dramatic reduction in their numbers in many countries."

Endangered species

"The Northern Bald Ibis is known for its rather bizarre black neck feathers. These mantle feathers are erected in birds, a behavior that also appears illustrious outside courtship rituals.

As big as a goose, but a member of the pelican family, the distinctive yet not necessarily attractive bird has always been rather conspicuous. Its Latin name, Geronticus eremita, describes it as an old man.

Unfortunately, its distinctive appearance was also its downfall. Up to the 17th century, there were large numbers of the Northern Bald Ibis in southern Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, and Hungary. However, intensive hunting led to its complete extinction in central Europe."

Holy Bird

In ancient Egypt, the Northern Bald Ibis was worshipped as a bringer of light.

Indeed, it was revered as a holy bird and a symbol of brilliance and splendor in Ancient Egypt, where, together with the sacred ibis, it was regarded as an embodiment of Thoth, scribe of the gods, who was usually depicted with a man's body and the head of an ibis.

And according to Islamic legends, this Ibis showed Noah the way to the fertile Euphrates valley.

Watch the Last Bald Ibis and discover more about its legends through ZEISS lenses

Or book your trip now and come watch them live with us!

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