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Mirleft, underrated surfing paradise

Perhaps Mirleft is not the Mecca of surfing in Morocco. Its spots are little known, and the swell is not consistent throughout the year.

Yet, its point-breaks are breathtaking, its beach breaks are beautiful and its qualities do not stop there.

Here are 4 reasons why Mirleft will be your next surf holidays destination:

At Mirleft, we lead the real surfer-life

Remember those times when valiant dare-devils roamed forgotten roads in search of virgin waves. Well, that's possible at Mirleft, with a fascinating number of spots, many of which are yet to be discovered. The roads in here offer fantastic landscapes between the mountains of the Anti-Atlas, vertiginous cliffs and majestic sand dunes bordering the Atlantic Ocean. Every little trail seems to contain the promise of a new paradise. In short, it is the land of surf trips in their purest tradition.

From Sidi R'bat to Sidi Ouarzeg, the coast of the Atlantic Ocean along Mirleft has more than 30 spots referenced and many other spots to discover.

The promise of the cleanest waters in Morocco

A lot of harm is done to the ocean across the world and many known surf spots suffer from it. The sewers drained into them cause many intoxications to the surfers. Also, the presence of commercial ports or fishing ports implies heavy pollution of gas, oil, and other wastes related to economic activities.

Mirleft knows nothing of all that. In fact, far from the sewers of the big cities and the big ports, the water of the sea at Mirleft is perfectly pure and clean. Surfing around Mirleft is the promise of a healthy and fresh experience.

Waves for all tastes and all levels

Long white foams to improve beginners' take-off. Beach break reforms to practice your maneuvers. Great walls for radical performances in shortboards. Tubular waves for magical memories. Shoulders fun enough for perfect cruising in longboard or retro-twin. Endless waves that start in point break to take you to the beach. All this is possible at Mirleft! When the elements are in tune, and the wind blends with the swell, magical sessions await you!

No crowd allowed

All these promises made above are worthless if one does not specify that the crowd is an unknown concept in Mirleft. The spots are so numerous that it is very common to ride a wave alone, with birds and fish as the only companions. And when it happens to meet people in the water they are either locals happy to meet new surfers or travelers like you coming to share exquisite moments and incredible surfing holidays.

So stay safe and healthy, have great surf, and enjoy beautiful nature.

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