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We are a local team of nature lovers, surfers, and a cultural engineer. We speak 6 languages and we are looking forward to sharing our love for Mirleft with you. After traveling and surfing in many countries, we understood what may be the main needs that would make it easy for people to visit our little paradise. We expertly join the art of living and the Moroccan authenticity, with the international standing of travels.


Surf & Adventure Holidays

Let us pick you up from the airport, and take you to one of our luxurious accommodations. Enjoy home-cooked dishes with seasonal local produce. Come surfing with us in uncrowded world-class waves. Join our many hikes through the Atlas mountains. Let us take you wild camping in savage beaches. Or take part in our amazing cultural expeditions to discover archeological treasures of the great Jewish and Amazigh cultures.



Hassan aka Biscou

Waterman & Entrepreneur

Born in Mirleft, Hassan knows every corner of this little paradise. From the peaks of the Anti-Atlas to the depths of the Atlantic, he cherishes every blade of grass, every grain of sand, every rock on the beach and he is looking forward to sharing his love with you.

Surfer, fisherman, diver, and entrepreneur, Hassan is the founder and head coach of Biscou Surf School. According to legend, the breath of the waves of Mirleft whispers his name when they crush.



Picture the ideal location for your vacation. Imagine wide untouched stretches of beach, uncrowded waves, high cliffs that overlook the ocean, friendly locals who greet you on the streets, picturesque historical buildings and tranquil landscapes. If this is what you imagine the ideal destination for relaxation to be, then the town of Mirleft in Morocco is the place for you.

"for adventurers, ocean & nature loverS, And wellness warriors"

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